American Studies Community


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Jean-Christophe Agnew's picture Jean-Christophe Agnew
Professor Emeritus American Studies and History
Rene Almeling's picture Rene Almeling
Associate Professor Sociology and American Studies
Phone: 203-432-3340
Kohar Avakian's picture Kohar Avakian
Graduate Student
Aleshia Barajas's picture Aleshia Barajas
Graduate Student
Laura Barraclough's picture Laura Barraclough
Professor of American Studies
HQ 314
Phone: 203-436-3539
Frankie Barrett's picture Frankie Barrett
Graduate Student
James Berger's picture James Berger
Senior Lecturer American Studies and English
HQ 312
Ned Blackhawk's picture Ned Blackhawk
Randolph W. Townsend, Jr. Professor of History and American Studies
HQ 230
Phone: 203-432-8530
David Blight's picture David Blight
Sterling Professor of History, of African American Studies, and of American Studies
Phone: 203-432-8521, 203-432-3339
Candace Borders's picture Candace Borders
Graduate Student
Ryan Brasseaux's picture Ryan Brasseaux
Dean of Davenport College and Lecturer in American Studies
Davenport College Dean’s Office, 248 York St.
Phone: 203-432-0555
Daphne A. Brooks's picture Daphne A. Brooks
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of African American Studies, American Studies, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, and Music
81 Wall St., 405
Phone: 203-777-7558
Jon Butler's picture Jon Butler
Howard R Lamar Emeritus Professor of American Studies, History & Religious Studies
Hazel Carby's picture Hazel Carby
Charles C. & Dorathea S. Dilley Professor Emeritus of African American Studies and American Studies
Phone: 203-432-9059
Max Clayton's picture Max Clayton
Graduate Student
Edward Cooke's picture Edward Cooke
Charles F Montgomery Professor of the History of Art, Director of the Center of Study in American Decorative Arts and Material Culture; Professor of American Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies for History of Art
Loria 654
Phone: 203-432-2724
Sofia Cutler's picture Sofia Cutler
Graduate Student
John Demos's picture John Demos
Samuel Knight Professor Emeritus History
Phone: 203-436-2514
Michael Denning's picture Michael Denning
William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of American Studies and Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Chair American Studies
HQ 326
Phone: +1 (203) 432-2267
Angie Diaz's picture Angie Diaz
Graduate Student
Wai Chee Dimock's picture Wai Chee Dimock
William Lampson Professor Emeritus of American Studies and English
Kathryn Dudley's picture Kathryn Dudley
Professor American Studies and Anthropology (on leave fall 2021)
10 Sachem Street, Room 216
Phone: 203-432-6083
Patricia Ekpo's picture Patricia Ekpo
Graduate Student
Kai Erikson's picture Kai Erikson
Professor Emeritus of Sociology & American Studies
149 Elm St
Phone: 203-432-8757
Nancy Escalante's picture Nancy Escalante
Graduate Student
Lucero Estrella's picture Lucero Estrella
Graduate Student
John Faragher's picture John Faragher
Howard R Lamar Professor Emeritus of History and American Studies
TC 31
Phone: 203-432-3311
Crystal Feimster's picture Crystal Feimster
Associate Professor American Studies, African American Studies, and History
81 Wall, 403
Phone: 203-436-3563
Garrett Felber's picture Garrett Felber
Visiting Fellow
Roderick Ferguson's picture Roderick Ferguson
William Roberston Coe Professor of Womens, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Professor of American Studies
WLH 318
Joanne Freeman's picture Joanne Freeman
Class of 1954 Professor of American History and American Studies
HQ 226
Phone: 203-432-1392
Morgan Freeman's picture Morgan Freeman
Graduate Student
Beverly Gage's picture Beverly Gage
Professor of History and American Studies, Brady-Johnson Professor of Grand Strategy
HQ 272
Phone: +1 203-432-1355; 203-432-1356
Glenda Gilmore's picture Glenda Gilmore
Peter V. and C. Vann Woodward Professor Emeritus of History
SSS 601
Phone: 203-432-1398
William Glasspiegel's picture William Glasspiegel
Graduate Student
Jacqueline Goldsby's picture Jacqueline Goldsby
Professor of English, African American Studies, and American Studies
81 Wall St., 106
Phone: 203-432-3744
Zareena Grewal's picture Zareena Grewal
Associate Professor American Studies, Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and Religious Studies
HQ 323
Phone: 203-432-4669
Inderpal Grewal's picture Inderpal Grewal
Professor Emeritus of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, American Studies and Anthropology
Phone: 203-432-0848
Fadila Habchi's picture Fadila Habchi
HQ C24
Seunghwa Han's picture Seunghwa Han
Graduate Student
Kristin Hankins's picture Kristin Hankins
Graduate Student
Dolores Hayden's picture Dolores Hayden
Professor Emeritus of Architecture and American Studies
Charlotte Hecht's picture Charlotte Hecht
Graduate Student
Kelsey Henry's picture Kelsey Henry
Graduate Student
Scott Herring's picture Scott Herring
Professor of American Studies and Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies
HQ 320
Daniel HoSang's picture Daniel HoSang
Associate Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and American Studies (on leave fall 2021)
WLH 103
Carolyn Jacobs's picture Carolyn Jacobs
Graduate Student
Matthew Jacobson's picture Matthew Jacobson
Sterling Professor of American Studies and History, Professor African American Studies
HQ 322
Isaac Jean-Francois's picture Isaac Jean-Francois
Graduate Student
Alison Kibbe's picture Alison Kibbe
Graduate Student
Greta LaFleur's picture Greta LaFleur
Associate Professor American Studies, Director Postdoctoral Opportunities
HQ 315
Phone: 203-432-5547
Albert Laguna's picture Albert Laguna
Associate Professor American Studies and Ethnicity, Race & Migration
HQ 318
Phone: 203 432-6333
Kathryn Lofton's picture Kathryn Lofton
Lex Hixon Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies, Professor of History and Divinity; FAS Dean of Humanities
HQ 411
Ellen Louis's picture Ellen Louis
Graduate Student
Lisa Lowe's picture Lisa Lowe
Samuel Knight Professor of American Studies and Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Director of American Studies Graduate Studies
HQ 316
Phone: 203-432-5261
Mary Lui's picture Mary Lui
Professor American Studies and History; Head of Timothy Dwight College
TD College
Phone: 203-432-8288
Katy Maldonado Dominguez's picture Katy Maldonado Dominguez
Graduate Student
Brennan McDaniel's picture Brennan McDaniel
Graduate Student
Joanne Meyerowitz's picture Joanne Meyerowitz
Arthur Unobskey Professor of American Studies and History
HQ 324
Phone: 203-432-1713
Leah Mirakhor's picture Leah Mirakhor
Lecturer in American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
Charles Musser's picture Charles Musser
Professor American Studies, Film & Media Studies and Theater Studies
HQ C29
Phone: 203-432-0152
Tavia Nyong'o's picture Tavia Nyong'o
William Lampson Professor of Theater and Performance Studies, Professor of American Studies, and Professor of African American Studies (on leave fall 2021)
HQ 325
Gary Okihiro's picture Gary Okihiro
Visiting Professor American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration
HQ 311
Dolma Ombadykow's picture Dolma Ombadykow
Graduate Student
Isabel Ortiz's picture Isabel Ortiz
Graduate Student
Ever Esther Osorio Ruiz's picture Ever Esther Osorio Ruiz
Graduate Student
Maryam Ivette Parhizkar's picture Maryam Ivette Parhizkar
Graduate Student
Damanpreet Pelia's picture Damanpreet Pelia
Graduate Student
Hector Peralta's picture Hector Peralta
Graduate Student
Stephen Pitti's picture Stephen Pitti
Professor American Studies, History, and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Associate Head of Ezra Stiles College
35 Broadway, Room 214
Phone: 203-432-0560
Maria Plascencia's picture Maria Plascencia
Graduate Student
Olivia Polk's picture Olivia Polk
Graduate Student
Katherine Ponds's picture Katherine Ponds
Graduate Student
Daniella Posy's picture Daniella Posy
Graduate Student
Jocelyn Proietti's picture Jocelyn Proietti
Graduate Student
Sally Promey's picture Sally Promey
Professor American Studies, Institute of Sacred Music, Divinity School, and Religious Studies; Affiliated Faculty, History of Art
ISM N210
Phone: 203-432-6264, 203-432-7070
Jules Prown's picture Jules Prown
Paul Mellon Prof Emeritus History of Art
BAC 213
Phone: 203-432-2685
Joanna Radin's picture Joanna Radin
Associate Professor in the History of Medicine, Anthropology, History and American Studies
333 Cedar, L214
Phone: 203-785-4258
Ana Ramos-Zayas's picture Ana Ramos-Zayas
Frederick Clifford Ford Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and Professor of American Studies and of Anthropology (On leave, AY 2020-2021)
WLH 102
Jas Riley's picture Jas Riley
Graduate Student
Amanda Rivera's picture Amanda Rivera
Graduate Student
Joseph Roach's picture Joseph Roach
Sterling Professor Emeritus Theater and English; Professor Emeritus American Studies and African American Studies
Phone: 203-432-2231
Marc Robinson's picture Marc Robinson
Professor of Theater Studies, of American Studies and of English and Professor in the Practice of Drama
SY P25
Phone: 203-432-0748
Karin Roffman's picture Karin Roffman
Senior Lecturer in Humanities, English and American Studies and Associate Director of Public Humanities
HQ 310
Elihu Rubin's picture Elihu Rubin
Associate Professor School of Architecture and American Studies
RDH 308
Phone: 203-432-4641
Edward Rugemer's picture Edward Rugemer
Associate Professor American Studies and African American Studies (on leave Spring 2021)
81 Wall St., 305
Phone: 203 436-3556
Sylvia Ryerson's picture Sylvia Ryerson
Graduate Student
Sasha Sabherwal's picture Sasha Sabherwal
Graduate Student
Paul Sabin's picture Paul Sabin
Professor History; American Studies and Environmental Studies
EM 316
Phone: 203-436-2516
jub Sankofa's picture jub Sankofa
Graduate Student
Aanchal Saraf's picture Aanchal Saraf
Graduate Student
Alicia Schmidt Camacho's picture Alicia Schmidt Camacho
Professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and American Studies
ES L03
Phone: 203.432-5116
Ena Selimovic's picture Ena Selimovic
Associate Research Scholar | ACLS Emerging Voices Fellow at Yale American Studies and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Caleb Smith's picture Caleb Smith
Professor English and American Studies
LC 311
Phone: 203-432-0574
Maile Speakman's picture Maile Speakman
Graduate Student
Melinda Stang's picture Melinda Stang
Graduate Student
Robert Stepto's picture Robert Stepto
John M. Schiff Professor of English Emeritus, and Professor Emeritus of African American Studies and American Studies
81 Wall, 404
Phone: 203-432-2268
Harry Stout's picture Harry Stout
Jonathan Edwards Professor of Religious Studies Emeritus and Professor of American Studies, of Divinity and of History
451 Coll, 401
Phone: 203-432-0828
Babette Thomas's picture Babette Thomas
Graduate Student
Quan Tran's picture Quan Tran
35 Bdwy, 205
Jacinda Tran's picture Jacinda Tran
Graduate Student
Michael Veal's picture Michael Veal
Professor Music Dept and Afr Am Studies and American Studies
Phone: 203-432-2990
Minh Vu's picture Minh Vu
Graduate Student
Yuhe Faye Wang's picture Yuhe Faye Wang
Graduate Student
Michael Warner's picture Michael Warner
Seymour H Knox Professor English and American Studies
DC 115
Phone: 203-432-2233
John Warner's picture John Warner
Chn/Avalon Prof History of Medicine, Prof American Studies Prog & History
SMH L224-226
Phone: 203-785-4338
Tisa Wenger's picture Tisa Wenger
Associate Professor of American Religious History, Divinity School & American Studies (on leave AY 2021-2022)
409 Pros, Taylor S126
Phone: 203-432-2493
Laura Wexler's picture Laura Wexler
Professor American Studies and Women's Gender, & Sexuality Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies American Studies
WLH 314
Phone: 203-432-1524
Clara Wilson-Hawken's picture Clara Wilson-Hawken
Graduate Student
Bryan Wolf's picture Bryan Wolf
Visiting Professor
Yaprak Yildirim's picture Yaprak Yildirim
Graduate Student