Babette Thomas

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Graduate Student

Babette Thomas is an artist, radio producer and doctoral student in the departments of American and African-American Studies. Their practice as a radio producer constantly informs their research interests in Black radio and Black new media, more broadly.

In their undergraduate thesis, Black Radio’s Intimate Re-membering, Babette analyzes the affective nature of archival Black radio recordings. Utilizing notions of the Black sonic, they examine how Black radio served as a mode of care and extended touch towards Black-American communities, throughout the 20th century. 

Having held positions and affiliations with institutions such as The Whitney Museum, The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, The Center For the Study of Slavery and Justice, The Museum of African American History and Culture, SF MOMA, and NPR, Babette is interested in how digital media, specifically sound media can be used as a tool towards public education and memorialization Black-American history. 

Babette earned their B.A. from Brown University in Africana Studies (Honors) and Modern Culture and Media. 

Black radio history; public humanities; sound studies; radio studies; media studies; new media studies; Black feminist theory; affect theory