Graduate Students


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Kohar Avakian's picture Kohar Avakian
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Racial Formation, Migration and Diaspora Studies, Legal Whiteness, Settler Colonialism, Genocide, Photography, Oral History, Armenian Studies
Frankie Barrett's picture Frankie Barrett
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Identity and regional studies, globalization, social movements, the history of the political economy in 20th and 21st centuries, spatiality, queer and feminist theory
Annie Berman's picture Annie Berman
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Avant-garde cinema(s), Documentary, Film Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Psychoanalysis
Candace Borders's picture Candace Borders
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Black Studies, Black Feminist Theory, 20th-century African American women’s history, oral history, place, citizenship, public humanities
Ding-Liang Chen's picture Ding-Liang Chen
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Decolonization & Indigeneity; Energy & Environment; Informatics, Cybernetics, & Critical Digital Practices; Media Infrastructures; Networked Communication; Sexuality & Disability; STS; Transpacific Studies
Max Clayton's picture Max Clayton
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Federal Indian Law and Policy, Environmental History, Histories of Capitalism, Law and Political Economy
Sofia Cutler's picture Sofia Cutler
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: World literature and cinema, postcolonial studies, the history of capitalism, social movements, Brazilian studies, and social reproduction theory
Jack Davis's picture Jack Davis
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Movement, Temporality, Performance Studies, Political Theory, Economic Sociology, Queer Theory, Marxist Feminism, Black Studies, Visual Studies, Sound Studies
Patricia Ekpo's picture Patricia Ekpo
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Black studies; aesthetic theory; art history; psychoanalysis; feminist and gender studies; Marxist theory; minimalism and postminimalist art; ecological and environmental studies; black film; filmic space and architecture
Nancy Escalante's picture Nancy Escalante
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Central American Studies, Cultural Studies, Public Humanities, Archiving and Curation, Historical Memory
Lucero Estrella's picture Lucero Estrella
Graduate School Student
Areas of Interest: Border Studies, Migration and Diaspora Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational History
Morgan Freeman's picture Morgan Freeman
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Contemporary art, Afro-indigeneity, global indigeneity, Black Studies, Visual Studies, material relationships, displacement, the outdoors, public humanities