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Yuhe Faye Wang's picture Yuhe Faye Wang
Graduate Student
Michael Warner's picture Michael Warner
Seymour H Knox Professor English and American Studies
DC 115
Phone: 203-432-2233
John Warner's picture John Warner
Chn/Avalon Prof History of Medicine, Prof American Studies Prog & History
SMH L224-226
Phone: 203-785-4338
Tisa Wenger's picture Tisa Wenger
Associate Professor of American Religious History, Divinity School & American Studies (on leave AY 2021-2022)
409 Pros, Taylor S126
Phone: 203-432-2493
Laura Wexler's picture Laura Wexler
Professor American Studies and Women's Gender, & Sexuality Studies; Director of Undergraduate Studies American Studies
WLH 314
Phone: 203-432-1524
Clara Wilson-Hawken's picture Clara Wilson-Hawken
Graduate Student
Bryan Wolf's picture Bryan Wolf
Visiting Professor