Katy Maldonado Dominguez

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Katy Joseline Maldonado Dominguez was born in Honduras. She is the oldest of five children and a first-generation DACAmented college student. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Chicana/o Studies and Geography in 2019. Her research interests are shaped by her experiences as a Central American immigrant. Under the guidance of Dr. Leisy Ábrego and Juan Herrera, Katy Maldonado’s most recent project focuses on the particular experiences of Central American students in higher education. She challenges the homogenization of Latina/o/x student experiences by highlighting the lived academic realities of Central American students at UCLA. She also examines how Undocumented Queer parents create and navigate family as they resist the twin pressures of xenophobia and homophobia. 

Central American Studies, Latina/o/x Homogenization, Mixed-Status Families, and Undocumented Queer Family Making