Elihu Rubin

Elihu Rubin's picture
Associate Professor of Urbanism and American Studies
RDH 308

Rubin is the author of Insuring the City:  The Prudential Center and the Postwar Urban Landscape (Yale University Press, 2012), which has been awarded the Kenneth T. Jackson Prize from the Urban History Association as well as the Lewis Mumford Award from the Society of American City & Regional Planning History.  

Graduate courses include “Urban Research and Representation,” “Ghost Town:  City Building, Abandonment, and Memory,” and “Introduction to Urban Design.”  He helps guide undergraduate students interested in urban studies Personal website here.

Selected Publications:

–“Hedging Your Bets:  Actuarial Science, Architecture, and Urban Development,” Perspecta 46:  Error (Cambridge, Mass.:  The MIT Press, 2013):  300-321. 

“Catch My Drift?  Situationist Dérive and Urban Pedagogy,” Radical History Review, Fall 2012 (114):  175-190. 

–“(Re)Presenting the Street:  Video and Visual Culture in Planning,” in Multimedia Explorations in Urban Policy and Planning:  Beyond the Flatlands, eds. Leonie Sandercock and Giovanni Attili (Springer, 2010):  85-103.