Dolma Ombadykow

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Graduate Student

Dolma Ombadykow is a first-generation Kalmyk American raised in interior Alaska. She graduated with honors from Brown University in 2017. Prior to Yale, she worked for three years as editorial assistant at NYU Press on books in American studies, performance studies, queer of color criticism, literary studies, and media studies. 

Her past work considered colonial medical and carceral archives to tease apart the relationship between medical education and histories of scientific racism and natural history. She is additionally interested in the contemporary politics of public burial, bodily disposal and decay, the death industry, and organ donation. Her work is concerned with all matters of the body: how it is raced, gendered, animated, performed, subjected, celebrated, honored, and mourned. 

History of science and medicine, critical race studies, gender and sexuality, disability, science and technology studies, performance studies, death and dying, food studies, carceral studies, aesthetics and visuality