Graduate Students


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Katy Maldonado Dominguez's picture Katy Maldonado Dominguez
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Central American Studies, Latina/o/x Homogenization, Mixed-Status Families, and Undocumented Queer Family Making
Brennan McDaniel's picture Brennan McDaniel
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Appalachian Studies, Settler Colonialism, Islam in the U.S., Race and Ethnicity, Affect and Materiality, Critical Theory, Geography, Ethnography
John Mollet's picture John Mollet
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Native American/American Indian Studies, Oral History, Popular Culture, Hemispheric Studies, Comparative History, Cold War Studies
Dolma Ombadykow's picture Dolma Ombadykow
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Science and technology studies, race, gender, queer theory, Marxist feminisms, postcolonial thought, disability, death and dying, aesthetics, visuality
Isabel Ortiz's picture Isabel Ortiz
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Feminist theory, psychoanalysis, literary studies, visual studies, film and media studies
Ever Esther Osorio Ruiz's picture Ever Esther Osorio Ruiz
Graduate School Student
Areas of Interest: Media and Communication, Latin-American studies, feminisms, cultural studies, Critical theories, and Mexican Studies
Maryam Ivette Parhizkar's picture Maryam Ivette Parhizkar
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Black studies; Latinx studies; Central American studies; comparative/relational ethnic studies; aesthetics, poetics & performance; histories & theories of the human subject; critical-creative practice; cultural institutions; public humanities
Damanpreet Pelia's picture Damanpreet Pelia
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: South Asian American history, transnational history, race, religion, secularism, empire, critical theory
Hector Peralta's picture Hector Peralta
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Human Geography. Ethnic Studies. Latinx Studies. Migration and Diaspora Studies. Education Studies. Settler Colonialism & Empire. History of San Diego County.
Maria Plascencia's picture Maria Plascencia
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Latinx Geographies, Border Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Transnational Histories, and Latinx Studies
Olivia Polk's picture Olivia Polk
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: Black feminist theory, queer theory, 19th and 20th century African American literature, black visual culture, gender and sexuality studies, performance studies, affect and materiality, faggotry, femmes, sexual subcultures
Katherine Ponds's picture Katherine Ponds
Graduate Student
Areas of Interest: African-American Literature, Greek Tragedy, Translation, Classical Reception Studies, Performance Studies