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Matthew Jacobson's picture Matthew Jacobson
Sterling Professor of American Studies and History, Professor of African American Studies
HQ 322
Greta LaFleur's picture Greta LaFleur
Associate Professor of American Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
HQ 315
Albert Laguna's picture Albert Laguna
Associate Professor of American Studies and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration (on leave fall 2024)
HQ 318
Kathryn Lofton's picture Kathryn Lofton
Lex Hixon Professor of Religious Studies and American Studies, Professor of History and Divinity (on leave AY 2024-25)
HQ 412
Lisa Lowe's picture Lisa Lowe
Samuel Knight Professor of American Studies and Professor of Ethnicity, Race, & Migration; Director Postdoctoral Opportunities (on leave spring 2025)
Mary Lui's picture Mary Lui
Professor of American Studies and History; Head of Timothy Dwight College (on leave AY 2024-25)
TD College
Joanne Meyerowitz's picture Joanne Meyerowitz
Arthur Unobskey Professor of American Studies and History (on leave spring 2024)
HQ 324
Charles Musser's picture Charles Musser
Professor of American Studies, Film & Media Studies, and Theater Studies (on leave spring 2025)
HQ C29
Tavia Nyong'o's picture Tavia Nyong'o
William Lampson Professor of Theater and Performance Studies, Professor of American Studies and African American Studies (on leave spring 2025)
HQ 325
Stephen Pitti's picture Stephen Pitti
Professor of American Studies, History, and Ethnicity, Race, & Migration, Associate Head of Ezra Stiles College
HQ 222
Julian Posada's picture Julian Posada
Assistant Professor of American Studies (on leave AY 2024-25)
HQ 310
Sally Promey's picture Sally Promey
Professor of American Studies, Institute of Sacred Music, Divinity School, and Religious Studies; Affiliated Faculty, History of Art (on leave spring 2024)
ISM N210