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Courses that Meet the Early Americas Requirement

AMST 017, Travel Literature of the Americas

AMST 133, Introduction to American Indian History, Ned Blackhawk

AMST 160, Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery, Edward Rugemer

AMST 400, The History of Race in the Early Americas,  Greta LaFleur

AMST 407, Antebellum America,  Edward Rugemer

AMST 418, Social Governance in Early America, Greta Lafleur

AMST 441, Indians and the Spanish Borderlands, Ned Blackhawk

ENGL 278, Antebellum American Literature, Michael Warner

ENGL 430/ AMST 425, American Culture and the Rise of the Environment, Michael Warner

HIST 116, The American Revolution, Joanne Freeman

HIST 133J, The Creation of the American Politician, 1789-1820, Joanne Freeman

HIST 135J, Age of Hamilton and Jefferson, Joanne Freeman