Dissertations in Progress

Aleshia Barajas: “Doing and Undoing Lines: A Rhizomatic Approach to the U.S.-Mexico Border” Advisor: Kathryn Dudley; Committee Members: Albert Laguna, Stephen Pitti, Alicia Schmidt Camacho

Max Clayton“Imperial Ambition: Allotment, Jurisdictional Struggles, and Capitalist Development on the Flathead Reservation” Advisors: Ned Blackhawk, Tisa Wenger; Committee Members: Lisa Lowe, Matthew Jacobson

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio: “Migrants in the Biosphere: Migrants, Water, and the Politics of Pain” Advisor: Kathryn Dudley; Committee Members: Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Albert Laguna

Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn: “Veins of Repression: US Israeli Covert Arms and Counterinsurgency in Central America” Advisors: Inderpal Grewal, Matthew Jacobson; Committee Member: Rosie Bsheer

Angie Diaz“Ethnic Mexican Geographies of the Greater Houston Area, 1968-2016” Advisor: Stephen Pitti; Committee Members: Laura Barraclough, Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Albert Laguna

Patricia Ekpo“Anti/blackness as Spatial Production” Advisors: Pamela Lee, Lisa Lowe; Committee Member: Tavia Nyong’o

Lucero Estrella: “Japanese communities, migration, and community memory along the US-Mexico border” Advisors: Mary Lui, Stephen Pitti; Committee Members: Daniel Botsman, Gilbert Joseph

William Glasspiegel: “Geometry of a Ghost: Chicago Footwork 1986-Present” Advisors; Daphne Brooks, Michael Veal; Committee Members: Elijah Anderson, Charles Musser

Kristin Hankins: “Littered Landscapes: Seeing Debris, Development, and the Production of Space in the Revanchist City ” Advisors: Laura Barraclough, Laura Wexler; Committee Members: Kathryn Dudley, Mary Lui

Clara Wilson Hawken: “The Means and Meaning of Musical Production: Race, Gender, and the Recording Industry 1930-1960” Advisor: Daphne Brooks; Committee Members: Michael Denning, Mary Lui

Charlotte Hecht“Exposed: Visualizing the Landscapes of the Nuclear Present” Advisor; Laura Barraclough; Committee Members: Matthew Jacobson, Chitra Ramalingam,  Laura Wexler

Kelsey Henry: “Developmental Humanisms: Black Histories of Developmental Science and Biomedicine in the Twentieth Century” Advisors: Joanne Meyerowitz, Joanna Radin; Committee Members: Greta LaFleur, Lisa Lowe

Carolyn Jacobs“Sanitizing Cinema: Infection and the Control of Motion Pictures in the United States, 1905-1935” Advisors: Francesco Casetti, Charles Musser; Committee Members: Matthew Jacobson, John H Warner

Alison Kibbe“Stitching Pathways through the Plantation: Black (Im)mobilities and Practices of Belonging in the New World Belonging in the New World” Advisors: Aimee Cox, Albert Laguna; Committee Member: Laura Barraclough

Ellen Louis: “The Psychic Landscape of Slavery: Modern Conceptions of Self and the Interiority of the Captive” Advisor: Tavia Nyong’o; Committee Members: Saidiya Hartman (Columbia), Margaret Homans, Lisa Lowe, Neferti Tadiar (Columbia)

Isabel Ortiz“Narrative and Non-Narrative in the Reproduction of the Modern Self” Advisors: Margaret Homans, Laura Wexler; Committee Member: Tavia Nyong’o

Ever E. Osorio Ruiz“The Violet Spring: The Radical Politics and Poetics of Feminisms in the XXI Century Americas” Advisors: Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Michael Denning; Committee Members: Moira Fradinger, Paul North

Maryam Parhizkar“Designs of Another World: Primitivity, Modernity and Racial Entanglements in 20th-Century U.S. Performance and Aesthetics” Advisors: Daphne Brooks, Tavia Nyong’o; Committee Members: Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Kathryn Lofton

Hector Peralta“Valley of Opportunity: Landscapes of Native, Refugee, and Migrant Labor in East County San Diego” Advisor: Daniel HoSang; Committee Members: Laura Barraclough, Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Professor Ana Ramos-Zayas

Maria Jose Plascencia“Transborder Regional Formations: Placemaking in Tijuana from 1950-2018” Advisor: Laura Barraclough; Committee Members:  Alicia Schmidt Camacho, Matthew Jacobon, Stephen Pitti

Daniella Posy: “Crafting Blackness: The Social Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in 20th Century African American Periodicals” Advisor: Roderick Furguson; Committee Members: Greta LaFleur, Amy Herzog (GS, CUNY)

Jocelyn Proietti“Outsider Blackness: Black Radical Feminists and the Philosophy of Aesthetics, 1970-1996” Advisor: Daphne Brooks; Committee Members: Greta LaFleur, Matthew Jacobson, Kobena Mercer

Jaz Riley“The Katrina Lexicon: On Black Maternal Temporality” Advisor: Tavia Nyong’o Committee Members: Crystal Feimster, Roderick Ferguson, Lisa Lowe

Sasha Sabherwal“Circuits of Faith: Transnational Religion, Caste, and Gender in the Punjabi Sikh Diaspora of the Pacific Northwest” Advisors: Inderpal Grewal and Mary Lui; Committee Members: Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan and Zareena Grewal

Jub Sankofa“Delinquent Migrations: Black Nomads Confronting the Carceral State in the American West, 1920-1945” Advisor: Crystal Feimster; Committee Members: Lelly Lytle-Hernadez (UCLA), Caleb Smith, Laura Wexler

Aanchal Saraf: “Atomic Afterlives, Pacific Archives: Unsettling the Geographies and Science of Nuclear Colonialism in the Marshall Islands and Hawaiʻi” Advisor: Lisa Lowe; Committee Members: Mary Lui, Sunny Xiang, Maile Arvin (Utah)

Maile Speakman: “Virtual Havana: Race, Intimacy, and Computational Capital in the Coded City” Advisor: Ana Ramos-Zayes; Committee Members: Kathryn Dudley, Albert Laguna

Melinda Stang: “Crypts of Fear: A Cultural History of American Haunts” Advisor: Kathryn Lofton; Committee Members: Matthew Jacobson, Katherine Trumpener, Ellen Seiter (USC)

Jacinda Tran: “Landscapes of Memory and Mobility: Southeast Asian Representation, Resettlement, and Remembrance in the Political Economy of War” Advisor: Mary Lui; Committee Members: Laura Barraclough, Lisa Lowe, Ana Ramos-Zayas

Yuhe Faye Wang: “Bureaucratic Violence: Paper Forms, Racial Capitalism, and Emerging Infrastructures in 19th Century California” Advisors: Greta LaFleur, Mary Lui; Committee Members: Michael Denning, Inderpal Grewal