Undergraduate Courses

Courses that Meet the Early Americas Requirement

AMST 017, Travel Literature of the Americas

AMST 133, Introduction to American Indian History, Ned Blackhawk

AMST 160, Rise and Fall of Atlantic Slavery, Edward Rugemer

AMST 219, Race, Empire, & Atlantic Modernities, Dixa Ramirez & Anne Eller

AMST 309, Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts,and Witches, Dixa Ramirez

AMST 393, Resistance and Revolt in Early America, Ittai Orr

AMST 400, The History of Race in the Early Americas,  Greta LaFleur

AMST 407, Antebellum America,  Edward Rugemer

AMST 418, Social Governance in Early America, Greta Lafleur

AMST 441, Indians and the Spanish Borderlands, Ned Blackhawk

ENGL 278, Antebellum American Literature, Michael Warner

ENGL 430/ AMST 425, American Culture and the Rise of the Environment, Michael Warner

ERM 200, Introduction to Ethnicity, Race and Migration, Alicia Schmidt Camacho

HIST 116, The American Revolution, Joanne Freeman

HIST 133J, The Creation of the American Politician, 1789-1820, Joanne Freeman

HIST 135J, Age of Hamilton and Jefferson, Joanne Freeman

Undergraduate Courses 2017-2018

The following is a brief guide to our 2017-2018 courses. For detailed and updated course information, please visit Yale University’s Online Course Information Site

Freshmen Seminars for Fall 2017                                                                                 

AMST 007, Furniture and American Life, Edward Cooke, T, Th, 9:00-10:15

AMST 026, Protest Music in America, Daphne Brooks, M,W, 2:30-3:45

Freshman Seminars for Spring 2018

AMST 012, Politics of Society in the United States after WWII, Jennifer Klein, M, W, 2:30-3:45

AMST 060, Significance of American Slavery, Edward Rugemer, T, Th, 1:00-2:15

Gateway Courses for Fall 2017

AMST 125, The Long Civil Rights Movement, Crystal Feimster, M W, 10:30-11:20, 1 HTBA

AMST 188, Colonial Period American History, Rebecca Tannenbaum, M,W, 1:30-3:20

AMST 196, Race, Class, Gender, and American Cities, Laura Barraclough, T, Th, 10:30-11:20, 1 HTBA

AMST 198, New Haven and the American City, Elihu Rubin, T, Th, 11:35-12:25

AMST 219,  Race, Empire & Atlantic Modernities, Dixa Ramirez & Anne Eller,T Th, 1:00-2:15, WR, EA

AMST 231, Introduction to Digital Humanities, Laura Wexler & David Angel Nieves, M, 2:30-4:20

AMST 238, Introduction to Third World Studies, Gary Okihiro, T, Th, 11:35-12:50

AMST 247, Media and Medicine in Modern America, John Warner, M W, 10:30-11:20, 1 HTBA

AMST 260, American Philosophy, Kenneth Winkler, T, Th, 2:30-4:45

AMST 273, Black Women’s Literature, Jacqueline Goldsby, T, Th, 9:00-10:15

Gateway Courses for Spring 2018

AMST 163, American Environmental History, Paul Sabin, T, Th, 11:35-12:50, 1 HTBA

AMST 197, American Architecture and Urbanism, Elihu Rubin, T, Th, 11:35-12:25

AMST 199, The American Century, Beverly Gage, M, W, 1:30-2:20

AMST 206, Intro to Critical Refugee Studies, Quan Tran, W, 9:25-11:15

AMST 234, Spiritual But Not Religious, Zareena Grewal, T, Th, 11:35-12:50

ER&M 200,  Introduction to Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, Alicia Camacho, T, Th, 1:00-2:15

During the junior year, students must take two upper-level seminars (AMST 300-399).  At least one of the seminars must fall within the student’s area of concentration.

Junior Seminars for Fall 2017

AMST 304, Food and Documentary, Ian Cheney, W, 2:30-4:20  Screenings T, 7:00-9:00

AMST 312, Post-Colonial Cities of the West, Fadila Habchi, W, 1:30-3:20

AMST 314, Gender and Transgender, Greta Lafleur, T, Th, 11:35-12:50

AMST 318, The Problem with Global Poverty, Joanne Meyerowitz, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 324, Race, Politics, and the Law, Daniel HoSang, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 341, Race and Capitalism, Aaron Carico, T, 2:30-4:20

AMST 343, Muslim Diasporas in America, Nancy Khalil, Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 344, The Nonhuman in Literature and Culture, Wai Chee Dimock, W, 9:25-11:15

AMST 345, Latinx Ethnography, Ana Ramos-Zayas,  Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 347, Hollywood Novel and Film, Charlie Musser, T, 3:30-5:20, Screening M, 7:00-9:00 pm

AMST 348, Space, Place, and Landscape, Laura Barraclough, Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 366, Modernism and American Theater, Marc Robinson, T, 1:30-3:20

Junior Seminars for Spring 2018

AMST 303, Narratives of Blackness in Latinx and Latin America, Dixa Ramirez, T, 1:30-3:20 

AMST 309, Zombies, Pirates, Ghosts, and Witches, Dixa Ramirez, W, 2:30-4:20, WR, EA

AMST 310, Interdisciplinary Approaches to African American Studies, Anthony Reed, Th, 2:30-4:20

AMST 326, Civil Rights and Women’s Liberation, Crystal Feimster, M, 9:25-11:15

AMST 330, Dystopic and Utopian Fiction, James Berger, M, 1:30-3:20

AMST 358, Animals in Modern American Fiction, James Berger, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 364, Documentary & the Environment, Charlie Musser, T, Th,11:34-12:50, Screening W, 7:00-10:00 pm

AMST 370, The History of Dance, Brian Seibert, M, 3:30-5:20

AMST 371, Food, Race, and Migration in United States Society, Quan Tran, Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 372, American Drama, 1960-2000, Marc Robinson, M, 1:30-3:20, WR

AMST 384, American Artists and the African American Book, Robert Stepto, W, 1:30-3:20

AMST 385, Trauma in American Film and Television, Christine Muller, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 389, Performing the “Freak” in Popular Culture, Danielle Bainbridge, TBA

AMST 393, Resistance and Revolt in Early America, Ittai Orr, M, 1:30-3:20, WR

AMST 397, Critical Race Theory, Crystal Feimster, M, 1;30-3:20

During the senior year, each student in the major completes work in the area of concentration in one of three ways.  First, the student may enroll in an upper-level seminar within their area of concentration (AMST 400-499).  Second, the student may complete a one-term senior essay or project (AMST 491a or b).  Third, the student may petition to enroll in the Intensive major (AMST 493a, 494b) and work independently for two terms.

Senior Seminars for Fall 2017

AMST 403, Introduction to Public Humanities, Ryan Brasseaux, Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 406, The Spectacle of Disability, James Berger, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 410, Asian American Women and Gender,1830-Present, Mary Lui, Th, 130-3:20

AMST 414, Poetry and Value of Arts & Humanities, James Berger, M, 1:30-3:20

AMST 434, American Precarity, Kathryn Dudley, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 436, Antiracism, Social Justice, and Freedom, Danial HoSang, M, 1:30-3:20

AMST 442, Religion and US Empire, Tisa Wenger, Th, 3:30-5:20

AMST 451, Religion, War and America, Harry Stout, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 453, Literary New Orleans Performed, Joseph Roach, T, Th, 11:35-12:50

AMST 454, Narrating the Lives of Refugees, Zareena Grewal & Jake Halpern, M, 1:30-3:20

AMST 456, Making America Modern, 1880-1930, Jean-Christophe Agnew, Th, 1:30-3:20

AMST 462, Privilege in the Americas, Ana Ramos-Zayas, W, 3:30-5:20

AMST 463, Documentary Film Workshop, Charlie Musser, W, 10:30-1:20, Screening T, 7:00-10:00 pm

AMST 471, Individual Reading & Research for Seniors and Juniors, Staff

AMST 480, Theories of History, Greta Lafleur, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 491, Fall Senior Essay, Staff

AMST 493, Full Year Senior Essay, Jorge Cuellar, M, 1:30-3:20

Senior Seminars for Spring 2018

AMST 411, Introduction to Documentary Studies, Matthew Jacobson & Anna Duensing M, W, 2:30-3:45

AMST 418, Social Governance in Early America, Greta Lafleur, W, 1:30-3:20, EA

AMST 420, Ralph Ellison in Context, Robert Stepto, M, 1:30-3:20

AMST 450, Islam in the American Imagination, Zareena Grewal, T, Th, 2:30-3:50

AMST 455, Youth Cultures in the Americas, Ana Ramos-Zayas, TBA

AMST 464, Documentary Film Workshop, Charlie Musser, W, 10:30-1:20, Screening T, 7:00-9:30 pm

AMST 466, Contemporary Historical Novels, James Berger, W, 1:30-3:20

AMST 468, American Political Development, Stephen Skowronek, TBA

AMST 472, Individual Reading & Research for Seniors and Juniors, Staff

AMST 475, Performing American Literature, Wai Chee Dimock, W, 9:25-11:15

AMST 484, Visual Kindship, Families, and Photography, Laura Wexler, T, 1:30-3:20

AMST 491, Spring Senior Essay, Staff

AMST 494, Full Year Senior Essay, Jorge Cuellar