Graduate Program Overview


Graduate students enter either the Ph.D. program or the one year M.A. program. Students in the Ph.D. program earn the M.A. en route to the doctorate. The MA concentration in Public Humanities is open only to our Ph.D. students.

Doctoral Program

Students accepted into the doctoral program are fully funded for five years through a combination of tuition, teaching, and fellowships. Health insurance and a stipend are also provided to all matriculating doctoral students. Please visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for further information on financial aid and funding opportunities.

Doctoral students spend their first two years in coursework, completing a total of twelve courses. In the third year, students begin to teach, take their oral examinations, and write their dissertation prospectuses. The fourth year is typically spent teaching, researching, and writing the dissertation. The University Dissertation Fellowship (UDF), awarded to all students, is usually taken in years five or six and allows candidates to dedicate themselves exclusively to the completion of the dissertation. Many of our students apply for and win external fellowships, allowing them to defer their UDF until the sixth year and thus secure additional time in which to research and write the dissertation.

Masters Program

Students in the M.A. program take 7 term courses, including a special writing project, and complete the language requirement. They take the same courses as doctoral students. There is no financial support for this degree.