Past Dissertation

May 2015

Tao Leigh Goffe: “Chiney Royal: Afro-Asian Intimacies in the Americas” Advisors: Michael Denning, Wai Chee Dimock; Committee Member:  Anthony Reed
Tisha Hooks: “Duct Tape and the U.S. Social Imagination” Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew, Kathryn Dudley; Committee Members: Edward Cooke, Alondra Nelson
Carolee Klimchock: “Heiress Weds Coachman: Elopement Scandals and the Performance of Coach Driving in the Gilded Age” Advisor: David Blight; Committee Members: Mary Lui, Joseph Roach


Megan Asaka: “The Unsettled City: Migration, Race, and the Making of Seattle’s Urban Landscape” Advisors: Dolores Hayen, Mary Lui ; Committee Member Ned Blackhawk
Claudia Calhoun: “ ‘The Story You Are About to Hear Is True’: Dragnet and the Cultural Work of the Police Procedural” Advisors: Joanne Meyerowitz, Charles Musser; Committee Members: Jean-Christophe Agnew, Ron Gregg
Chloe Taft: “From Steel to Slots: Landscapes of Economic Change in Postindustrial Bethlehem, PA.” Advisors: Kathryn Dudley; Committee Members:  Jean-Christophe Agnew, Dolores Hayden
Ruth Yow: “Home Team Colors: Race, Education, and Justice in the Resegregating South, 1964-2013” Finalist for Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize, Advisors: Kathryn Dudley, Glenda Gilmore; Committee Member: Jonathan Holloway


LaMarr Bruce: “”The Domain of the Marvelous”: Madness, Blackness, and Radical Creativity” Advisors: Elizabeth Alexander, Joseph Roach
Karilyn Crockett:People Before Highways: Reconsidering Routes to and from the Boston Anti-Highway Movement” Advisor: Kathryn Dudley
Joshua Glick: “Los Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958-1977” Advisor: Charles Musser
Nicole Ivy: “Materia Medica: Black Women, White Doctors and Spectacular Gynecology in the 19th Century U.S.”  Advisors: Robert Stepo, Laura Wexler
Lauren Pearlman: “Democracy’s Capital: Local Protest, National Politics, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Washington, D.C., 1933-1978” Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Jesse Ramirez: “Dreaming with the Negative: Apocalypse, Science Fiction, and the American Culture, 1945-2001” Advisor: Michael Denning
Eli Jelly-Schapiro: “Forever War: Culture, Coloniality, and the Long History of the War on Terror” Advisors: Hazel Carby,  Michael Denning


Francesca Ammon: “Culture of Clearance: Waging War on the Landscape in Postwar America” Advisor: Dolores Hayden. Finalist for Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize.
Kathleen Belew: “Theatres of War: Mercenaries, Paramilitarism, and the Racist Right from Vietnam to Oklahoma City. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Ryan Brasseaux: “Ensemble, on est capable: Memory, Cultural Politics, and the Rise of l’Amerique francaise” Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Aaron Carico: “The Free Plantation: Slavery’s Institution in America, 1865 - 1910” Advisor: Hazel Carby
Christine DeLucia: “The Memory Frontier: Geographies of Violence and Regeneration in Colonial New England and the Native Northeast after King Phillip’s War”  Advisor: John Mack Faragher. Finalist for Allan Nevins Dissertation Prize.
Sara Hudson: “Crossing Stories: Circulating Citizenships in an Americas du Golfe” Advisors: Stephen Pitti, Laura Wexler
Deborah March: “Reframing Blackness: The Photograph and African American Literary Modernism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century” Advisor: Elizabeth Alexander
Ana Minian Undocumented Lives: A History of Mexico-U.S. Migration, from 1965 to 1986. Advisors: George Chauncey, Stephen Pitti. Winner of Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize.
Dara Orenstein Offshore onshore: A History of the Free Zone on U.S. Soil. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew. Finalist for Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize.
Nicholas Parrillo Against the Profit Motive: The Salary Revolution in America Government, 1780 - 1940. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Miriam Posner Depth Perception: Narrative and the Body in American Medical Filmmaking. Advisors: John Harley Warner, Charles Musser
Tuire Valkeakari Passages to (Be)Longing: Contemporary Black Novels of Diaspora and Dislocation. Advisors: Hazel Carby and Robert Stepto


Mike Amezcua The Second City Anew: Mexicans, Urban Culture, and Migration in the Transformation of Chicago, 1940-1965. Advisor: Stephen Pitti
Amina El-Annan Multiple Orients: Urban Dream Maps, Creative Currency and the Counterculture of Modernity. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Laura Grappo Home & Other Myths: A Lexicon of Queer of Inhabitation. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Perin Gurel Wild Westernization: Gender, Sexuality, and the United States in Turkey. Advisor: Matthew Frye Jacobson, Laura Wexler
Amanda Izzo The Commandment of Love: Liberal Christianity and Global Activism in the Young Women’s Christian Association of the USA and the Maryknoll Sisters, 1907 - 1980. Advisors: Joanne Meyerowitz, Jon Butler
Myra Jones-Taylor Blank Slates: Boundary-work and Neoliberalism in New Haven Childcare Policy Anthropology. Advisor: Kathryn Marie Dudley
Leah Khaghani ‘One World or None’: Transnational Struggles against Imperialism in the American Century. Advisors: Glenda Gilmore, Paul Gilroy
April Merleaux Sugar and Civilization: Race, Empire, and the Cultural Politics of Sweetness in the United States, 1898 - 1939. Advisor: Stephen Pitti
Elizabeth Son Performing Redress: Military Sexual Slavery and the Transpacific Politics of Memory. Advisors: Hazel Carby, Joseph Roach
Charlie Veric Techniques of the Face: An Essay on Everyday Embodiment, Representation, and Consciousness. Advisors: Michael Denning, Wai Chee Dimock


Andrew Friedman Covert Capital: Landscapes of Denial and the Making of U.S. Empire in the Suburbs of Northern Virginia, 1961-2001. Advisor: Michael Denning
Sarah Haley Engendering Captivity: Black Women and Convict Labor in Georgia, 1865-1938. Advisors: Hazel Carby, Glenda Gilmore
Brandi Hughes Middle Passages: The Redemption of African America through the African Mission Field, 1862-1905. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Jinan Joudeh Hoax Literature: Reading Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and Mark Twain. Advisor: Wai Chee Dimock
William King Icarus Unbound: The Problem of Ambition in Anglo-American Culture. Advisor: David Brion Davis
Anthony Light Keeping Their Places: Emulation, Simplicity, and Class Distinction in the Domestic Imagination, 1877-1925. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Benjamin Looker A Nation of Neighborhoods: Cities, Communities and Democracy in the American Imagination, 1940-2000. Advisor: Michael Denning
Naomi Paik Testifying to Rightlessness: Redressing the Camp in Narratives of U.S. Culture and Law. Advisors: Hazel Carby, Michel Denning
Calvin Warren The Absent Center of Political Ontology: Ante-bellum Free Black and Political Nothingness. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Susie Woo “A New American Comes ‘Home’ ”: Race, Nation, and the Immigration of Korean War Adoptees, ‘GI Babies,’ and Brides. Advisors: Matthew Jacobson, Laura Wexler


Betty Livingston Adams Fighting the Color Line in the ‘Ideal Suburb’: Working-Class Black Women and the Politics of Christian Activism in Summit, New Jersey, 1898-1945. Advisor: Glenda Gilmore
Andrea Becksvoort Adventure Capitalists: Commodifying Self, Experience, and Performance in American Culture, 1890-1940. Advisor, Glenda Gilmore
Amanda Ciafone Counter-Cola: A Multinational History of Challenges to the Global Corporation Advisor: Michael Denning
Daniel Gilbert Expanding the Strike Zone: Baseball in the Age of Free Agency. Advisor: Michael Denning
Megan Glick Infrahumanisms: Race, Nation, and the Moral Economy of Embodiement in 20th Century U.S. Culture. Advisor: Matthew Frye Jacobson
Brian Herrera Latin Explosion: Latinos, Racial Formation and Twentieth Century U.S. Popular Performance. Advisor: Matthew Frye Jacobson
Uri McMillan Subversive Objecthood: Black Female Performance Advisor: Joseph Roach
Emmanuel Raymundo The Political Culture of Leprosy in the US Occupied Philippines, 1902-1941. Advisor: Matthew Jacobson
Jennifer Wood The New Black: Sartorial, Corporeal and Sexual Politics in the Harlem Renaissance. Advisor: Robert Stepto


Lauren Bierbaum Taking the Plunge!: Negotiation and Cultural Immersion, Social Mobility, and Inter-Class Collision in an Elite Summer School Program. Advisor: Kathryn Marie Dudley
Brenda Carter Dreams of Recognition, Fantasies of Revenge: Work and Workers in Late Twentieth Century American Mass Culture. Advisor: Michael Denning
Paul Grant-Costa The Last Indian War in New England: The Mohegan Tribe of Indians vs. the Governour and Company of Connecticut, 1703-1774. Advisors: John Demos, John Mack Faragher
Dalton Jones Black Market: Louis Armstrong and the Primitive Accumulation of Desire. Advisor, Michael Denning
Mark Krasovic The Struggle for Newark: Plotting Urban Crisis in the Great Society. Advisor: Matthew Frye Jacobson
Shana Redmond Anthem: Music and Politics in Daspora, 1920-1970s. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Annemarie Strassel Redressing Women: Feminism in Fashion and the Creation of American Style, 1930-1960. Advisor: Dolores Hayden


Radiclanni Clytus Envisioning Slavery: American Abolitionism and the Primacy of the Visual. Advisors: Paul Gilroy, Wai Chee Dimock
Mark Greif The Age of the Crisis of Man: Thought and Fiction at Mid–Century, 1939–1966. Advisors: Jean–Christophe Agnew, Wai Chee Dimock
Mandi Isaacs Jackson Demonstration City: Urban Renewal and Organized Resistance in the ’New” New Haven. Advisor: Michael Denning
Dalton Jones Black Market: Louis Armstrong and the Primitive Accumulation of Desire. Advisor: Michael Denning
Angel Pulley Hudson Reading Between the Lines: Creeks, Slaves, and Settlers on the Borders of the U.S. South, 1790s–1820s. Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Amy Reading Courting Inauthenticity: Deception and Revelation in American Autobiography. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew
Catherine Whalen The Alchemy of Collecting: Material Narratives of Early America, 1890–1940. Advisor: Edward Cooke, Jr.


Tonnia Anderson Photographing the Race: The Cultural Politics of Race, Memory, and Meaning in the Photography of Richard S. Roberts, 1920–1936. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Lousie Bernard National Maladies: Narratives of Race and Madness in Modern American. Advisor: Paul Gilroy
Kimberly Brown The Repeating Body: Literary and Visual Reiterations of Black Feminine Strength. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Kathleen Donegan Seasons of Misery: Catastrophe and the Writing of Settlement in Colonial America. Advisor: John Demos
Jeanne Lawrence From High–Class Goods to Bargain Basements: Department Stores, Urban Life and Labor in Chicago and Glasgow, 1880–1930. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Elaine M. Lewinnek Inventing Suburbia: Working–Class Suburbanization in Chicago, 1865–1919. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew
Besenia Rodriguez Beyond Nation: The Formation of a Tricontinental Discourse Advisor: Matthew Frye Jacobson
Rachel Rosekind (Roseman) Between the Country House and the Kitchenette: Literary Excavations of Space and Self in the Work of Henry James and Gwendolyn Brooks. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Roxanne Willis Making Alaska American: Environment and Development in a Foreign Land. Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Samuel Zipp Manhattan Projects: Cold War Urbanism in the Age of Urban Renewal. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew


Robin Bernstein Racial Innocence: White Supremacy and the Performance of Childhood. Advisors: Joseph Roach, Laura Wexler
Ferentz Lafargue The Survivor Figure in the Fiction of Slavery: An Exploration of Octavia Butler’s Kindred; Maryse Conde’s Moi, Tituba Sorciere Noire de Salem; J. California Cooper’s Family; and Fred D’Aguiar’s Feeding the Ghosts. Advisor: Christopher Miller
Carrie Lane Chet What I’m Worth: White–Collar Unemployment in a New Economy. Advisor: Kathryn Marie Dudley
Aaron Sachs The Humboldt Current: Avant–Garde Exploration and Environmental Thought in 19th–Century America. Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Jennifer Smyth American Cavalcade: Classical Hollywood’s Filmic Writing of American History, 1928–1942. Advisors: Dudley Andrew, Charles Musser
David Stirk Observatory and Labyrinth: Central Park and Nineteenth–Century Visual Culture. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg


Michael Cohen The Conspiracy of Capital: American Popular Radicalism and the Politics of Conspiracy from Haymarket to the Red Scare. Advisor: Michael Denning
Jay Garcia Psychology Comes to Harlem: Race, Intellectuals, and Culture in the Mid–Twentieth Century U.S. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew
Françoise Hamlin The Book Hasn’t Closed, The Story Isn’t Finished: Continuing Histories of the Civil Rights Movement. Advisors: Glenda Gilmore, Hazel Carby
Joseph Kip Kosek Spectacles of Conscience: Christian Nonviolence and the Transformation of American Democracy, 1914–1956. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew. Winner of Allan Nevins Dissertation Prize.
Michelle Nickerson Women, Gender and Conservatism in Cold War Los Angeles, 1945–1966. Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Tavia Nyong’o Uncommon Memory: The Performance of Amalgamation in Early Black Political Culture. Advisors: Paul Gilroy, Joseph Roach


Lisa Cardyn Sexualized Racism/Gendered Violence: Trauma and the Body Politic in the Reconstruction South. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Anthony Foy The Dark Brotherhood: Autobiography, Ideology, Masculinity, Blackness. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Deborah Hughes Revising the American Picture Gallery: Gender, Race and Popular Visual Culture. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Michell Liu Acting Out: Asian Images and the Performance of American Identities, 1898–1945. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Leigh Raiford Imprisioned in a Luminous Glare: History, Memory, and the Photography of Twentieth Century African American Social Movements. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Qiana Robinson-Whitted African–American Literature and the Crisis of Faith. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Kirk Swinehart This Wild Place: Sir William Johnson Among the Mohawks, 1715–1783. Advisor: John Demos
James Wooten Regulating the ‘Unseen Revolution’: A Political History of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Advisor: Stephen Skowronek


Jack C. Mutchler Community of Conflict: Work Nature, and Wilderness; Ranching on the Diamond Bar, 1897–1997. Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Heather Andrea William Self–Taught: The Role of African Americans in Educating the Freedpeople, 1861–1871. Advisor: Glenda Gilmore


Lori Brooks The Negro in the New World: the Cultural Politics of Race, Nation and Empire, 1885–1911. Advisors: Jean-Christophe Agnew, Hazel Carby
Bettina Drew Master Andrew Jackson: Indian Removal and the Culture of Slavery Advisor: John Mack Faragher
Joseph Entin Sensational Modernism: Disfigured Bodies and Aesthetic Astonishment in Modern American Literature and Photography Advisor: Michael Denning
Andrew Lewis The Curious and the Learned: Natural History in the Early American Republic Advisors: Jon Butler, John Mack Faragher
Robert Perkinson The Birth of the Texas Prison Empire, 1865–1915 Advisor: Hazel Carby
Jayna Jennifer Brown Babylon Girls: African American Women Performers and the Making of the Modern. Advisors: Hazel Carby, Paul Gilroy
Prudence Denise Cumberbatch Working for the Race: The Transformation of the Civil Rights Struggle in Baltimore, 1929–1945. Advisor: David Montgomery
Jennifer Rae Greeson The Figure of the South and the Imagination of Nation in the United States. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Lisa Diane McGill Caribbean American Narratives and the Second Generation. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Nicole Heidi Parisier Novel Work: Theater and Journalism in the Writing of Theodore Dreiser, Edith Wharton and Willa Cather. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew
Scott Andrew Saul Freedom Is, Freedom Ain’t: Jazz and the Making of the Sixties. Advisor: Michael Denning
Karin Michele Thomas Traveling Eyes: African American Travelers Create a World, 1789–1930. Advsior: Alan Trachtenberg
Veronica Maria Tomasic To Own Their Rooms: Representations of the Inner Life in an Age of Transition, Late Thirties to Early Fifties. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Brendan Michael Walsh A New World Proletariat: Expropriation, Transience, and Redemption in Twentieth–Century U.S. Narrative. Advisor: Michael Denning


Elspeth Brown The Corporate Eye: Photography and the Rationalization of American Culture, 1884–1929. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Kathleen Clark History is No Fossil Remains: Race, Gender, and the Politics of Memory in the American South, 1863–1913. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Margo Crawford Transcendence Versus the Embodiment of Racial Abstraction in Novels by William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, and John Edgar Wideman. Advisors: Margaret Homans, Robert Stepto
Manuela Thurner Girlkulture and Kulturfeminismus: Gender and Americanism in Weimar Germany, 1918–1933. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Mark Jeffrey Hardwick Creating a Consumer’s Century: Urbanism and Architect Victor Gruen, 1938–1968. Advisor: Jean–Christophe Agnew
Gloria Silvana Monti This Ain’t You, Girl!: Performing Race and Ethnicity in Hollywood. Advisor: Michael Denning
Rebecca Schreiber The Cold War Culture of Political Exile: U.S. Writers and Artists in Mexico, 1940–1965. Advisor: Michael Denning
John Utz The Ugly Truth: Mystery, Fear and Manhood in the Age of Realism. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg


Catherin Corman Reading, Writing, and Removal: Native American Literacies, 1824–1835. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Brian Edwards Morocco Bound: U.S. Representations of North Africa. 1920–1998. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Julia Ehrhardt ‘A taper in the imagination that never goes out’: Women, Regionalism, and the Profession of Authorship in America, 1900–1952. Advisor: Richard H. Brodhead
Jacqueline Goldsby After Great Pain: The Cultural Logic of Lynching and the Problem of Realist Representation in America, 1882–1922. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Gaspar González Monzón Barnstorming American Culture: Traveling Entertainment as Work and Performance. Advisor: Michael Denning
Catherine Gudis The Road to Consumption: Outdoor Advertising and the American Cultural Landscape, 1917–1965. Advisor: Dolores Hayden
Juliette Guilbert Rewriting the Republic: American Women’s Historical Fiction, 1824–1869. Advisor: Bryan Wolf
Marina Moskowitz Standard Bearers: American Material Culture and Middle–Class Communities at the Turn of the Twentieth Century. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Lori E. Rotskoff Sober Husbands and Supportive Wives: Gendered Cultures of Drink and Sobriety in Twentieth–Century America, 1910–1965. Advisors: Jean-Christophe Agnew, Nancy Cott
John Stauffer The Black Hearts of Men: Race, Religion, and Radical Reform in Nineteenth–Century America. Advisor: David B. Davis
Michelle Ann Stephens Black Empire: The Making of Black Transnationalism by West Indians in the United States. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Patricia Ann Travis Reading Matters: Book Men, ‘Serious’ Readers, and the Rise of Mass Culture, 1930–1960. Advisor: Michael Denning
Cynthia Young Soul Power: Cultural Radicalism and the Formation of a US Third World Left. Advisor: Michael Denning


Deborah Applegate The Culture of the Novel and the Consolidation of Middle–Class Consciousness: Henry Ward Beecher and the Uses of Sympathy, 1830–1880. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Emily Bernard Black Anxiety, White Influence: Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Christina Klein Cold War Orientalism: Musicals, Travel Narratives, and Middlebrow Culture in Postwar America. Advisor: Michael Denning
Timothy Marr Imagining Ishmael: Studies of Islamic Orientation in America from Puritans to Melville. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Kathleen Newman Critical Mass: Advertising, Audiences and Consumer Activism in the Age of Radio. Advisor: Michael Denning
Laura Saltz Disappearing Women: Gender and Vision in Nineteenth–Century American Fiction and Photographs. Advisor: Bryan Wolf
Sandhaya Shukla India Abroad: Transnational Ethnic Cultures in the United States and Britain. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Mark Weiner Race, Citizenship and Culture in American Law, 1883–1954: Ethno–Juridical Discourse from “Crow Dog” to Brown v. Board of Education. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew


Holly Allen Fallen Women and Forgotten Men: Gendered Concepts of Community, Home and Nation, 1932–1945. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Jody Lester Power and Marginality: The Politics of Writing about Black and/or Lesbian Identity. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Margaret McFadden Anything Goes: Gender and Knowledge in the Comic Popular Culture of the 1930s. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Stephen Rice Minding the Machine: Language of Class and Early Industrial America, 1820–1860. Advisor: Jon Butler


Martin Berger Determining Manhood: Constructions of Sexuality in the Art of Thomas Eakins. Advisor: Jules Prown
Peter Conolly–Smith The Translated Community: New York City’s German–Language Press as an Agent of Cultural Resistance and Integration, 1910–1918. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Jacqueline Dirks Righteous Goods: Women’s Production, Reform Publicity and the National Consumers’ League, 1891–1919. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Anne Shullenberger Levy America Discovered a Second Time: French Perceptions of American Notions of Time from Tocqueville to Labouyale. Advisor: David B. Davis
Elizabeth McAlister “Men Moun Yo;” “Here Are the People:” Rara Festivals and Transnational Popular Culture in Haiti and New York City. Advisors: Jon Butler, Hazel Carby
David Phillips Art for Industry’s Sake: Halftone Technology, Mass Photography and the Social Transformation of American Print Culture, 1880–1920. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Dorothy B. Fujita Rony “You Got to Move Like Hell”: Trans–Pacific Colonialism and Filipina/o Seattle, 1919–1941. Advisor: David Montgomery
Rachel Rubin Reading, Writing and the Rackets: Jewish Gangsters in Interior Russian and American Narrative. Advisors: Katerina Clark, Michael Denning
Nikhil Singh ‘Race’ and Nation in the American Century: A Genealogy of Color and Democracy. Advisor: Michael Denning
Suzanne Smith “Dancing in the Streets”: Motown and the Cultural Politics of Detroit, 1963–1973. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Mercedes de Uriarte Crossed Wires: Origins, Evolution and Agenda in U.S. Newspaper Construction of Outside “Others”––the Case of Latinos. Advisor: Kai Erikson
Elizabeth White Sentimental Enterprise: Sentiments and Profit in American Market Culture. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew


Daniel Belgrad The Social Meaning of Spontaneity in American Literature, 1940–1960. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Cassandra Cleghorn Bartleby’s Benefactors: Toward a Literary History of Charity in the Antebellum South. Advisor: Richard H. Brodhead
Katie Gilmartin The Very House of Difference: Intersections of Identities in the Life Histories of Colorado Lesbians, 1940–1995. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Amy Green Savage Childhood: The Scientific Construction of Girlhood and Boyhood in the Progressive Era. Advisor: William Cronon
Benjamin Filene Romancing the Folk: Public Memory and American Vernacular Music in the Twentieth Century. Advisor: Michael Denning
Stephen Lassonde Learning to Forget: Schooling and Family Life in New Haven’s Working Class. Advisor: John Demos
Jill Lepore The Name of War: Waging, Writing, and Remembering King Philip’s War. Advisor: John Demos
Carlo Rotella October Cities: The Redevelopment of Urban Literature. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Kristen Swinth Painting Professionals: Women Artists and the Development of a Professional Ideal in American Art, 1870–1920. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Gretchen Townsend Protestant Material Culture and Community in Connecticut, 1785–1854. Advisor: Jon Butler


Philip Deloria Playing Indian: Otherness and Authenticity in the Assumption of American Indian Identity. Advisor: Hoawrd Lamar
Karin Gedge Without Benefit of Clergy: Women in the Pastoral Relationship in Victorian American Culture. Advisor: Jon Butler
Robert Reid–Pharr Conjugal Union: Gender, Sexuality and the Development of an African American National Literature. Advisor: Hazel Carby
Yevette Richards My Passionate Feeling About Africa: Maida Springer–Kemp and the American Labor Movement. Advisor: David Montgomery
Susan Schoelwer Painted Ladies, Virgin Lands: Women in the Myth and Image of the American Frontier, 1830–1860. Advisor: Bryan Wolf
Martha Viehmann Writing Across the Cultural Divide: Images of Indians in the Lives and Works of Native and European Americans, 1890–1995. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
David Waldstreicher The Making of American Nationalism: Celebration and Political Culture, 1776–1820. Advisor: David B. Davis
David Yoo Growing Up Nisei: Second–Generation Japanese Americans. Advisor: Howard Lamar


Catherine A. Brekus Let Your Women Keep Silence in the Churches: Female Preaching and Evangelical Religion in America 1740–1845. Advisor: Harry S. Stout
Christophe Den Tandt The Urban Sublime in American Literary Naturalism. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Jane Desmond Physical Evidence: Bodies in Contemporary American Performance. Advisor: Bryan Wolf
Leah C. Dilworth Imagining the Primitive: Representations of Native Americans in the Southwest, 1880–1930. Advisor: Bryan Wolf
Mary L. Dudziak Cold War Civil Rights: The Relationship Between Civil Rights and Foreign Affairs in the Truman Administration. Advisor: David B. Davis
Paul Fisher Itineraries in the Art–World: The Cult of Europe and Transatlantic Careers in High Culture, 1865–1920. Advisor: Richard H. Brodhead
William E. Forbath Law and the Shaping of American Labor. Advisor: David B. Davis
Saidiya V. Hartman Performing Blackness: Staging Subjection and Resistance in Antebellum Culture. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Priscilla Murolo Working Girls’ Clubs, 1884–1928: Class and Gender on the “Common Ground of Womanhood”. Advisor: David Montgomery
Stephen Rachman Narrative Pathology: Plagiarism, Exhaustion, and Obscenity in the American Renaissance. Advisor: Richard H. Brodhead
Beryl E. Satter New Thought and the Era of Woman, 1875–1895. Advisor: Nancy Cott
Nancy J. Schnog Inside the Sentimental: The Psychological Work of Nineteenth–Century American Women’s Writing. Advisor: RH Brodhead
Christopher Sellers Manufacturing Disease: Experts and the Ailing American Worker. Advisor: William Cronon
Christopher Shannon Conspicuous Criticism: Tradition, Autonomy, and Culture in American Social Thought, From Veblen to Mills. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Xiao Hong Shen Yale’s China and China’s Yale: Americanizing Higher Education in China, 1900–1927. Advisor: Jon Butler
David Stowe Swing Changes: The Transformation of Jazz in American Culture, 1935–1950. Advisor: Michael Denning
Daniel Wickberg The Sense of Humor in American Culture, 1850–1960. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Brian Wescott Freed to be Something New: Native American Journey into the Performing Arts. Advisor: Howard Lamar


Barbara Ballard Nineteenth–Century Theories of Race, the Concept of Correspondences, and Images of Blacks in the Antislavery Writings of Douglass, Stowe, and Browne. Advisor: David B. Davis
Scott E. Casper Constructing American Lives: The Cultural History of Biography in Nineteenth–Century America. Advisor: Richard H. Brodhead)
Michael L. Goldberg “An Army of Women”: Gender Relations and Politics in Kansas Populism, the Woman’s Movement, and the Republican Party, 1879–1896. Advisor: Nancy Cott)
Christopher D. Grasso Between Awakenings: Learned Men and the Transformation of Public Discourse in Connecticut, 1740–1800. Advisor: Harry S. Stout
Farah J. Griffin “Who Set You Flowin’?” Migration, Urbanization, and African–American Culture. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Kenneth Haltman Figures in a Western Landscape: Readings in the Art of Titian Ramsay Peale from the Long Expedition to the Rocky Mountains, 1819–1820. Advisor: Jules Prown
Kimberley Phillips Heaven Bound: Black Migration, Community, and Activism in Cleveland, 1915–1945. Advisor: Nancy Cott


Elizabeth Cartwright Physiological Modernism: Cinematography as a Medical Research Technology, 1895–1960. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Ruth Glasser Que Vivio Tiene la Gene Aqui en Nueva York: Music and Community in Puerto Rican New York 1915–1940. Advisor: David Montgomery
Catherine R. Nickerson The Domestic Detective Novel: Gothicism, Domesticity, and Investigation in American Women’s Writing, 1865–1920. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Kathryn Oberdeck Labor’s Vicar and Variety Show: Popular Religion, and Cultural Class Conflict. Advisor: David Montgomery
Sally Stein The Rhetoric of the Colorful and the Colorless: American Photography and Material Culture Between the Wars. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Kali Tal Bearing Witness: The Literature of Trauma. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Glenn Wallach Obedient Sons: Youth and Generational Consciousness in American Culture, 1630–1850s. Advisor: David B. Davis


Herman Beavers Wrestling Angels into Song: Coherence and Disclosure in the Fiction of Ernest J. Gaines and James Alan McPhearson. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Marcus C. Bruce The Unfinished Universe: William James, Pragmatism, and the American Intellectual. Advisor: Jon Butler
Katherine G. Morrissey Mental Territories: Environment and the Creation of the Inland Empire, 1870–1920. Advisor: Howard Lamar
Kenneth Myers Selling the Sublime: The Catskills and the Social Construction of Landscape Experience in the United States, 1776–1876. Advisor: Jules Prown


David H. Brown Garden in the Machine: Afro–Cuban Sacred Art and Performance in Urban New Jersey and New York. Advisor: Howard Lamar
Raoul Richard Ibarguen Narrative Detours: Henry Miller and the Rise of New Critical Modernism. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg)
Daivd M. Scobey Empire City: Politics, Culture and Urbanism in Gilded–Age New York. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Linda S. Watts “The Moment of Recognition”: A Feminist Approach to Religious and Artistic Creation in the Writings of Gertrude Stein. Advisor: Alan Trachtenberg
Wei-li Ye The American Experience of Chinese Students in the Early Decades of the Twentieth Century. Advisor: Jonathan Spence


Thomas J. Ferraro, III Ethnic Passages: The Mobility Narratives of Yezierska, Miller, Puzo, and Kingston. Advisor: Jean-Christophe Agnew
Dana L. Frank At the Point of Consumption: Seattle Labor and the Politics of Consumption, 1919–1927. Advisor: David Montgomery
Dianne A. Johnson For the Children of the Sun: What We Say to Afro–American Youth Through Story and Image. Advisor: Robert Stepto
Bonney MacDonald In the Making: Acts of Creation in the Writing of William and Henry James. Advisor: R.W.B. Lewis
Joel Rosenthal Righteous Realists: Perceptions of American Power and Responsibility in the Nuclear Age. Advisor: Gaddis Smith
Catherine M. Stock Main Street in Crisis: The Old Middle Class in the Great Depression. Advisor: Howard Lamar