Stephen Pitti is a recipient of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award for Inclusion and Belonging

July 14, 2021

Professor Stephen Pitti was one of several recipients of FAS-wide awards and prizes for their scholarship and their contributions to our community. 

A noted scholar of Latinx history and the founding Director of the Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration, Stephen Pitti is, according to his nominator, “a leader in understanding how universities can implement equity, inclusion, and belonging in all they do.”  Professor Pitti is an engaged mentor to scores of graduate and undergraduate students, and he served as head of Ezra Stiles College for more than a decade. At RITM, Professor Pitti has implemented programs that advance student scholarship and that provide faculty with opportunities for collaboration and exchange. A dedicated community leader and advocate who has served on countless committees and advisory boards within and beyond Yale, Stephen is seen across our community as a campus leader on questions of inclusion and belonging.

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