Patricia Ekpo

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Graduate Student

Patricia Ekpo is a PhD candidate in American Studies with a certificate in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her work focuses on the integral role of antiblackness in cohering the conceptual and material spatial dynamics of gender, psyche, and subjectivity in the afterlives of slavery. Her dissertation engages this problem through analysis of minimalist and postminimalist sculpture and installation art, from both an art historical and black studies lens. 

Patricia has taught several classes including Black Feminist Theory and Visual Art, Sculpture and the Human in the 20th Century, Wilderness in the North American Imagination, and Antiblackness and Psychoanalysis. She also serves as a Contributing Editor for Parapraxis Magazine. Patricia received a B.A with honors in American Studies and Gender & Sexuality Studies from Brown University. Her work has received support from the Smithsonian Institution, Ford Foundation, and the Mellon Mays Foundation. 

Black studies; black 20th and 21st century art; aesthetic theory; gender and sexuality; antiblackness; psychoanalysis; spatial production minimalism/postminimalism; sculpture; installation and site-specific art; land art; media studies