Graduate Students

Courtney Sato
Asian American History, South Asian History, 20th-century US Intellectual & Cultural History, 20th-century American Literature, Indian and Pacific Oceans Studies, Digital Humanities, Public Humanities
Claire Schwartz
Contemporary African American Poetics, Visual Arts, Performance Studies, Queer Theory
Pooja Sen
Contemporary art, postcolonial theory, performance studies, media studies
Maile Speakman
Cuban & Caribbean Studies, Queer & Feminist Theory, U.S. Empire, Digital Culture, Postcolonial Thought, Global Cities, Capitalism & Performativity, Ethnography
Janine Stockford
Popular Music, Globalization, Casino Industry, Ethnography
Randa Tawil
Migration and diaspora studies, critical race theory and Arab American racial formations.
Jacinda Tran
Critical Refugee Studies; Memory; Material and Visual Culture; Postcolonialism; Queer Theory; Cultural Geography; Violence and Security; Transnational History; Race and Ethnicity
Ila Tyagi
Film and Media; Classical Hollywood; Energy and the Environment; Modernism and Modernity; Nonfiction Media; Science and Technology
Damian Vergara Bracamontes
Latina/o US History, Comparative 19th and 20th Century Migration & Social Movements, Cultural Studies, (Trans)Gender & Sexuality Studies, Public Humanities
Yuhe Faye Wang
Gender & Sexuality, Transnational and Women of Color Feminisms, Queer of Color Critique, Cyborg Theory, Labor Theory, History of Economics, Intimacy, and the Public Humanities
Alexia Williams
Afro-diasporic Studies, 19th- & 20th-Century American Literature, Black Feminist Literature, Black Transnationalism, Citizenship & National Identity.
Clara Wilson-Hawken
Modern and Postmodern American literature, literary theory, feminist theory, sound theory, critical race studies, performance studies, cultural studies