Devin McGeehan Muchmore

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Devin is an interdisciplinary scholar of twentieth century United States history and critical gender and sexuality studies. His dissertation, “Making Porno Chic: Adult Industry Entrepreneurs and the Moralization of Commercial Sex, 1968-1986,” is a history of the adult film, book, and sex toy industries ​between the late 1960s and the mid-1980s in the United States. It explains how an influential cohort of small business owners worked to integrate sexual businesses into American consumer culture and, in the process, forged new connections​ between the politics of sexual freedom and economic deregulation.

His ​next projects investigate how ideas about age and aging have shaped conceptions of sexual normalcy. ​Devin is also a co-editor at Notches, an international and collaborative public history blog dedicated to the history of sexuality. ​He has taught courses on LGBT history and culture, Asian American history, religion in modern America, and women and gender in the twentieth century United States.

twentieth century U.S. History, sexuality studies, gender and women's history, capitalism, age and aging, history of social thought