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Christopher Kramaric (formerly Young) received his B.A. in English, German Studies, and History from Boston College where his honors thesis on homosexuality in Germany was named interdisciplinary thesis of the year. Following graduation he moved to Berlin where he served as a DAAD-sponsored associate visiting researcher with the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at Humboldt University. He went on to earn his M.A. in English Literatures and Literary Theory at the University of Freiburg where he subsequently worked as Assistant Professor (akademischer Mitarbeiter) of North American Studies prior to arriving at Yale in 2011. In addition to his studies, Christopher is the lead curator of the Initiative for the Study of Material and Visual Cultures of Religion’s Material Objects Archive. Since 2012, he has also served as Co-Chair of the American Studies Association’s Students Committee.

Inspired by insights culled from critical theories of affect, materiality, and performance, Kramaric’s research uses ethnographic and historiographic methods to explore alternative suburban histories since the late 1960s with emphases placed on two contexts in particular: economic precarity and the corporate form, both as objects of study in their own right and as each comes to shape the other.

Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, Visual Culture, Performance, Histories of Capitalism, Affect & Materiality, Anthropology