Zareena Grewal oped in the Washington Post: “Here’s what my Yale students get: Free expression and anti-racism aren’t mutually exclusive”

November 13, 2015

They aren’t the “crybullies” they’ve been made out to be. They just want college to be collegial.

A popular misconception of Yale University students, and Yale students of color in particular, has solidified in the media  this week: They’re so fragile, over-sensitive and entitled that they can’t handle an intense exchange of ideas or an off-hand personal slight. They’ve been cast as politically correct, coddled millennials — “crybullies” who just need to grow up.

Yes, these students — my students — are making demands. But not because they’re pampered or looking for shelter from opposing points of view. It’s because the Yale they’ve found isn’t the Yale they were looking for.

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